Sunday, June 1, 2008

Underway - Lund BC

Ok, Ok, I'm blogging, I'm blogging! Sorry, this is only the second time we've had access to internet since starting out on our summer cruise to Alaska. However, we are only in week two, so once a week isn't bad. Considering I suck at this kind of thing. My last internet workout was trying to post some pictures. It took eons longer than expected. I wasn't at all organized enough to post at a regular pace. Anyway, things are amazing. We are finally getting into the groove of crusing. We are getting projects done along the way at different anchorages. Needless to say, we didn't wait to finish everything before we left. Sarah needed a ride to Friday Harbour. As you'll see from the pictures we've prioritized projects by what needs to be done (ie. pressurized deck hose washdown). The boat is really getting diled in. Get ready Hadlock Crew, Juichi is always going to be up for a sail when we return! It's been a hodge-podge of weather but Ron and I are both getting tan. Hey, we are just leaving the sunshine coast. Actually, I'm tanning, Ron is turning into a bronze god. Well, bronze at least :) We haven't got as much sailing in as we would like, but that was to be expected. Juichi is doing wonderful, especially since she just got all her teak oiled while up in Princess Lousia Inlet. AMAZING waterfall paradise! Which is where we just left yesterday. We're in Lund, BC making a special pit stop to Blog and top off our water before continuing on to Prideaux Haven in Desolation sound this evening. We'll I know y'all want more details but I don't know what else to say and I want to get some pictures posted before I run out of steam. Please send us emails at with questions or just to say hello. I'll take more time next internet stop to give some more log details and stories. We love you, miss you all (a little bit),
Alison, Ron and Juichi


Wallet B. Grundle said...

Yay! Even a little news is great. Sounds like you're both having a swell time. When I talked to you today, I could hear the smiles in both of your voices. See ya'll soon.

Katy said...

I had a wonderful chat as well with Alison today. She mentioned that each day is filled to the max and by dinner time they are ready to sit. She has had a few moments to get out the knitting. I hope you have your hammock chair set up by the time I get there.