Friday, July 4, 2008

Trying to catch up....

Hello all! Sorry it's taken me so long to update my blog. Internet has not been so premium. So i'm typing this in wordpad and will cut and paste to internet when it becomes available. Then I don't have Ron tapping his fingers at me while waiting for me to figure out what to say. He's currently fixing the water pump on this rainy day in Wrangell, Alaska. Oh yes, I said ALASKA! We made it. We crossed the border in the middle of Dixon Entrance on 25 June. We had Wally and Katy along for the ride from Prince Rupert to Ketchikan. What a fun time! I haven't seen my blog for awhile so I don't even know where I left off. We'll try here....

I think I left y'all in Port McNeill...GOODNESS! Has it been THAT long? I'm so very sorry. I'll try and catch you up on what seems like a year without having my fingers fall off. I have been able to do some picture uploads since then so at least y'all can sort of follow where we've been. I'll try and fill in some gaps using my log. So we left Port McNeill around 0530 on 8 June (wow! almost a month ago!) for a calm crossing of Queen Charlotte Strait. As we started encountering the Pacific Ocean swells, a gale wind warning came across the radio. We decided not to push Cape Caution and pulled into Miles Inlet. Four, 4, days later we had a weather window to leave. It wasn't that bad. During our layover we doned our foulies and went exploring in the lagoons that seemed endless. We met the other crusiers (Del and Inez) that were waiting out the weather and shared information and stories. We read and drank tea. Ok, by day three we were crossing our fingers that we would be able to leave. We were getting stir crazy. The other sailboat and crew were gone before we got out of bed and Del called us on the radio while we were still making coffee. Time to get a move on. We still had to get the dink aboard and tidy up before getting underway. I almost took a swim while maneuvering the dink aboard and got some brusies from the lifelines (nothing new there). We should have taken the time to eat because once we rounded Cape Caution and approached Egg Island Lighthouse, the seas got a little choppy and confused. This combined with the sea swell did not make for the smoothest ride. Not very condusive for cooking or for eating. We decided to detour into Duncanby for advertised showers and laundry before dropping the hook for the night. Needless to say, our 'guidebook' is a little out of date. Duncanby is now an all inclusive resort. Great spot if anyone is looking to get away and do some fishing! However, our luck held out and they weren't open for the season yet and the winter caretaker, satellite Rick, allowed us into his personal cabin for showers and laundry! Very sweet. So fresh and so clean clean, sheets included! We headed across Rivers Inlet to Fury Cove for a beautiful evening. Cocktails in the cockpit and watching whale breaths across the way in Fitz Hugh Sound.

The next morning brought rain. I mean RAINING. Misty, continuous, low visibility. We couldn't stand to be stuck another day after Miles Inlet and the wind wasn't blowing. It was calm, but wet. I took the helm most of the day while Ron kept our inner fires going with tea and ramen (Ali noodles to Logan). I rotated through three pairs of gloves, Ron two. I think there's a picture of me on Flickr at the helm in Fitz Hugh Sound. That's how that day went. We pulled into Codville Lagoon and dropped our shrimp trap! I know you can see the results on Flickr :) We had a lovely, muddy hike to Sagar Lake. It was nice to stretch our legs.

Week 5 brought us some welcomed nice weather and sailing! We topped off on fuel, water and propane in Bella Bella and Shearwater. The eagles around there were Amazing! If there can be flocks of eagles, they were there. We met up with the sailboat that was in Miles Inlet with us in Shearwater. They invited us over for Hazelnut crusted Halibut for dinner. We couldn't resist. Very nice evening of conversation and food with Annette, her daughter Rachael, father David and sister Ann. I had no luck with internet here or phone service here. It worked fine for Ron. He touched base with Wally and we gave ourselves a week to get up to Prince Rupert to meet him. Ron then tried to start a phone call to my family for me and after many failed attempts he finally called and talked to my Mom and Dad for me. True love. The next day brought the lovely weather and we sailed Seaforth channel. By 1050 on 15 June Ron and I are enjoying Juichi's beautiful helm and are both tweaking and making notes. We sailed through Perceval Narrows, which brought us into Mathieson Channel, under main. A beautiful tranquil peace. the sound of rigging sighing and the gentle rush of ocean swells breaking on the rocky shores behind us. the slight lapping of water as it tickles Juichi's belly. It's overcast but nice. A few sunbreaks to feed our solar panel. By 1316 we add our drifter to the main and officially have had up our entire sail inventory today! We sailed the next day as well out of Mathieson Channel and into Sheep Passage. We stayed in Windy Bay for a couple days. It rained the whole night we got there and the insomnia angel came to visit Ron. As I was getting up he was finally ready to sleep. It made for a short day in Windy Bay. We left the next morning, in the rain. A short trek took us out of Sheep Passage, which we left with fondness for the short sunshine we experienced. Very heavy, low clouds meandering through the green forests. The mist so thick it coats you rather than falling. There's brief periods of visibility that give you glimpses of the mountainous landscape. The heights still cloaked in this almost blinding white. Ron and I are both antsy. He got the speakers hooked up last night. We both grew weary of the soothing pitter patter of rain on the deck.
I'm going to leave y'all with this installment with us anchored in sublime Khutze Inlet. You can check out the pics on Flickr.
We're currently in Wrangell for the 4th of July. An absolutely fun, friendly town. Hopefully I'll get on the ball and finish more writing before we leave tomorrow. If not I'll catch up with y'all in Petersberg, our jumping off point to see the glaciers!

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Katy said...

Wally and I were so lucky to have a wonderful adventure with them! Good friends, a fun journey and lots of card playing. It was so nice to see them doing what they love. I hope we took some of the rainy weather home with us.

Love to you Miss. Ali, Thanks for being such good hosts.