Friday, October 3, 2008

Hey, readers: comments = love

If you're reading, remember to comment. Alison LOOOVES to see comments, as it lets her know that folks who love and miss her and her fellow and her boat are actually reading and following her adventures. Remember: comments = love.

-WBG, guest blogger and consumer of Juichi's stores


K D said...

Who would not love to read the adventures you all are having! It is additive checking to see if a new post is up. As for the guest blogger nice and descriptive I can see the fun in my minds eye. Wish I was with you have a G in T for me. When are you coming home?
Hope we are still on for a trip to meet you in Friday Harbor. XOXO K

Juichi said...

G&T's are currently being had! The weekend is on if the weather proves favorable. We'll be in touch. Can't wait to see you Chicken!

dlbeaumont said...

Hi Allison & Ron,

Great to meet you both on Wallace Island, Oct 10,2008. It is so nice to see a young couple "Living Life".

Warmest Wishes,

Doug & Louise
Island Beet, Nanaimo, BC